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The Odyssey

The Odyssey

The need to escape, her need to get away... sated by the tightest embrace
At the moment he is, to her, EVERYTHING… everything but gentle
But she stays, she clings… oblivious of the road that lies ahead
Willing but unwilling… ready but unprepared, to feel another man… Again!

An unexpected odyssey, multiple destinations… how could she have known?
Now she can never go back, unfamiliar territory with no means of return
So she stays… a surprise journey with only one guide… she must trust him
She must follow him, pleasure and pain, through this jaunt… Again!

A sigh escapes her lips, hesitant to create a chasm between skin and skin
Warmth fills her heart as it does the dimly lit room
So she stays… unmoved… eyes glassy… convulsions subsiding
Out of breath, silently begging for him to Take her breath away… Again!